Creating a Real Estate Property Tour Video On a Budget

Are a Real Estate Agent on a Budget? It can be tough when you're just getting started and paying $150 - $500 for professional photography and videography seems impossible. Part of my role at Ian Alexander Realty Group is closely analyzing how our marketing content performs. Here's the CAN generate leads and create buzz with videos created on your smart phone. 

The other half of the truth: Do professionally produced videos perform better? YOU BET!! Chances are, if you're reading this, your budget might not allow for it. That's okay, because I'm going to show you a simple way to do it on your own.

(For now...but trust WANT the professionally produced content.)

Let's begin!

The App I Use To Create Real Estate Property Tours with My Smart Phone 

Visit your App Store and search for Magisto. The free version of app is good enough, but if you want more flexibility and access to additional "Editing Styles," I recommend upgrading to the "Professional" membership.


How I Use My Smart Phone to Shoot Real Estate Property Tour Videos

I hold my smart phone horizontally with two hands and use the main camera (not the front-facing aka selfie-side). I shoot from just about chest height and focus on keeping my hands as steady as possible! The less camera shake the better.

Next, I shoot about 5-8 seconds worth of the front entrance. Then, 5-8 seconds worth of footage of the living room, then dining room, then kitchen, additional rooms, bathrooms, etc. These are all shot separately, but I do my best to match the speed of my movements while recording. 

TIP: Like a true professional would, be sure to turn on all the lights for optimal brightness, and remove any unsightly clutter. 

Uploading Your Videos To Magisto App

This part is pretty simple and awesome! Just open the app, click on the green plus sign on the bottom right corner and you’ll be taken to a collection of all your videos and images sorted by date. Select the video footage you want to use by tapping them individually. From there you’ll be prompted to choose your preferred video Editing Style, Soundtrack, and how long you want the video to be.

If you decide to upgrade from the free version, you’ll have a lot more Editing Style options, as well as the ability to add your own logo and business information at the end of the video.

How Did You Add The “Under Contract” and “Search Homes For Sale” Graphics?

In order to create the ending clips I used Canva – a free online tool (and app) that allows you to create custom graphic designs. It’s very user friendly and I’ve got a tutorial coming your way soon!

These videos were also created using Magisto: