What Is In My Camera Bag (For Real Estate Agents)


One question I’m asked often is what kind of photography and videography equipment I use to produce content for myself and the team at Ian Alexander Realty Group. After 10 years in the photo industry, I’ve had the opportunity to play with some super high-end dreamy photo/video tools. Does a $3,000 camera lens make videos look AMAZING? Oh yes…but it’s not necessary to create high quality content on a consistent basis. So let’s get into the equipment list!

The Camera(s) I Use

I personally use the Canon 5D Mark ii and the Canon Rebel t4i as my go-to camera bodies. The first is a full-frame professional grade camera that I use on a daily basis. The second is a crop-frame sensor starter camera. Both are great quality and I use them interchangeably. If you’re new to photography and videography, I highly recommend starting with the Canon Rebel series cameras.

The Camera Lenses I Use

I’m a BIG FAN of the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens. It is the lens I use the most and it’s the exact lens that creates those creamy backgrounds in my videos. Not only is this lens awesome, but it works with both cameras and it’s under $150. What this lens isn’t good for is wide angle shots. As a real estate agent, you either need a wide angle lens or you need a photographer on your team who has one! I started off with the Canon 18-55mm Kit Lens that comes with the Canon Rebel Series camera.

While it’s only compatible with that particular camera type, it’s a great starter lens that you can use for documenting vlog content or shooting property photos/videos. When it comes to property photography, I do highly recommend you hire a professional real estate photographer and videographer.

The Audio Tools I Use

I use a few different mics to record content. The first is the Rode VideoMic Me Directional Microphone for Smart Phones and this is specifically for when I’m shooting video on my phone – on the go. If I want to record high quality audio directly from the camera, I use the Rode VideoMic GO On-Camera Shotgun Microphone. This is a great mic for interviews or documenting on a bigger camera on the go.

The third mic I use is the Lavalier Lapel Microphone which is my go-to mic for my own videos that are shot indoors. At just $15-$17 the quality surpasses the price. I own 3 of these mics and also use them when we’re filming BUY. SELL. INVEST.

My On-the-Go Tripod

I’m 5’3, weigh 132lbs, and have a love hate relationship with the gym. Lugging around a heavy $400 tripod was just never feasible for me – especially since I prefer to document vs create content. This is why I went with this Camopro 70 Inch Tripod . Are there better quality ones out there? Yes! Do I like this one? Yes! It doesn’t weigh down my camera bag and honestly, at under $50 I wouldn’t shed a tear if it ever did break on me.

The Embarrassingly Awesome…Selfie-stick

Yes, a selfie stick. For years I mocked selfie-stick users. I used to be one of those photographers who detested the purchase of one…now I own TWO! Why? Well…for #AdvancedSelfie creation, video stabilization (it’s better than my shakey hands), and group photos! This Apexel 2-in-1 Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick has been worth it and then some. Don’t shy away from a selfie stick – you’ll get used to using it.

Those are the main pieces of equipment that I use regularly. If you’d like to see a longer list, shop here.