What Your Real Estate Instagram Profile Should Have


Whether you’re new to Instagram or you’ve been on it for a while, I hope you understand the importance of utilizing it for your real estate business. You don’t need to have 10k+ followers in order to generate free real estate leads on the platform, but you do need the following:

#1 Your Professional Headshot

Let’s graduate from the selfie – unless it’s a #AdvancedSelfie …more on that later. If you haven’t already, get a professional headshot and use the SAME IMAGE across all platforms. Why the same image? It makes your face easily identifiable with your brand. In sales, repetition within your branding efforts builds trust with potential home buyers and sellers.

#2 Your Actual Name

I’m shocked by how many profiles I come across that don’t have the agent’s name. How can I write you a nice message without knowing your name? If I want to call you, who do I ask for? “Hi, can I speak to @your-no-name-realtor please?” Most real estate associations and states require your name be present on all marketing and advertising materials. Your Instagram profile is no exception to the rule.

#3 Your Location

Worse than no name, is no location. You cannot position yourself a the go-to local real estate expert if a person can’t tell where your “locale” is. City and State should be clear on your profile.

#4 What Do You Do?

I’m not kidding. I see it so much it hurts. If your hope is for people to send you a DM or call you regarding their real estate needs, they’ll need to first know that you are even in real estate. Make sense?

#5 CTA - Call To Action

What is a CTA? A Call To Action is common marketing and advertising term to describe the next step you wish a consumer to take. Who is the consumer? Your ideal potential clients. What is the next step you want them to take? Well, that’s totally up to you! Since I cater to a wider audience, my CTA is Learn More. If you’re a realtor looking to attract first-time home buyers, your CTA could be “Download FREE First-time Home Buyer E-book” and have that link to the downloadable. You can have all kinds of CTA’s and change them regularly. Have fun with it, experiment, but most of all: track the performance of your CTA’s. This will help you make data driven decisions in your future digital marketing as a real estate professional.

What is your Instagram Account? I’d love to check it out. Comment below.