How To Get Your Real Estate License

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Getting my real estate license was as much of a surprise decision to me as it was for the people around me. As I progress in my career and network with likeminded individuals, many of them say the same. Usually, there's a yearning to OWN real estate on the investment side, but naturally the thought is to get your real estate license first. Note: It's not a requirement and you can read about that here.

This article is intended for those looking to get licensed in New York State. So here we go!

Requirements for Licensing 

In order to qualify for the New York State Real Estate Salesperson License, you’ll need to first take a 75-hour pre-licensing course. This can be done in-person at a place like NYREI or online (where I took mine as I worked a 9-to-5) at Real Estate U. I highly recommend the in-person course.

Once you complete the course, you’ll be required to take the school exam. Typically you’re allowed to retake the exam up to 2 or 3 times (depending on the school).

Next, you’ll schedule a date and time to officially take the New York State administered Real Estate Exam. You can learn more about scheduling your exam and the requirements here.

Passing Your Real Estate Exam

While the exam is multiple choice and solely based on the 75-hour pre-licensing course, you do want to study. It’s not uncommon to fail the exam the first time. If you’re 110% confident that you’ll pass the first time around, schedule 2 exam dates for “just in case.” My team and I host jeopardy game nights to help others study for the real estate exam. Most schools offer free study materials and practice exams to get ready.

You Passed! Now What?

Now it’s time to hang your license with the brokerage of your choice! Easier said than done. There are over 54,000+ brokerages in New York State alone. Winding up at the wrong one can cost you your career – let alone thousands of dollars. I explain the top 3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Brokerage here.

Once you choose a brokerage, you’ll apply to become an agent at that office via eAccessNY and they should guide you through the rest.

Are you thinking about getting your real estate license? What state are you in?