A Happy Marriage Between Business and Design.

About me pages are the worst. They’re probably one of the most important, but now a days digital marketers are noticing that it’s important to be REAL. With all this technology, we all just want to CONNECT. So I’m going to break my humanity down into two parts that you can choose to read in your preferred order and get to know me. All I ask in return is that you introduce yourself, because truth be told…this is all for you *cyber heart emoji*

The Business Resume

My educational background is in Photography and Business Marketing. I dual majored in college, dropped out to pursue a career in photography because let’s face it – the student loans were adding up and I honestly felt like I had learned all I could from the courses they offered. #noregrets I spent 10 years as a photographer and graphic designer – from Betsey Johnson Fashion Shows, to Intimate Weddings, and then on to Multimedia Production for beauty brands like TEMPTU and Kenig + Alcone. Unfortunately, corporate life wasn’t for me and I was severely missing the freedoms associated with being your own boss.

Somehow, you can read about it here, I wound up becoming a Real Estate Agent at Ian Alexander Realty Group. My business partner, aka the love of my life, and I transformed the brokerage into an elevated Real Estate brand. I decided to start documenting the journey and sharing my business savvy on instagram – which led to this website. I had no clue so many real estate agents struggled to create content, market their business and grow a real estate brand. All of sudden my inbox was filling with more questions and requests for more help. It was time consuming replying individually – after all I do co-own a full service real estate brokerage in New York – so I decided to create content around helping other real estate agents navigate the world of digital marketing!

The Personal Parts

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I’m a 28-year-old Williamsburg Brooklyn native of Puerto Rican and Colombian decent. I’m the middle child of 3, drink more coffee than my liver probably can appreciate, and I’m very open about the importance of mental health – especially for business owners. As someone who was voted “most likely to be a rock star” in high school, I’ve always had a knack for taking the road less traveled. This is sometimes super awesome, and other times not so awesome. Why is this important for you? Well, it means I’ve spent the last decade making a SH** TON of business mistakes that led me right here to this website where I can show you exactly what NOT to do, and what you should definitely do! The best part is, well, it’s free!

The top navigation does have links to places where you can support my businesses – and it’s much appreciated, but everything on this site is for you. Free of charge. It’s just what I would have wanted when I started out.

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